Rpc Advantages And Disadvantages

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Abstract— The Electronic based FACTS controllers are static equipment. Its principle purpose is to control AC transmission. The parameters of FACTS are enhancement of controllability, ability of power transfer, control of line impedance, load angle and the magnitude of bus voltage. A unified power controller is to be a static device and this system device should have quick reactive transmission. This paper focuses on the issues like voltage sag and swell of power quality. DPFC is used to moderate the voltage variation and improve power quality and also used to couple the phase controllable bridges to produce current which is injected into a transmission line by using series of transformers. The UPFC is a combination of a static synchronous…show more content…
Advantages of DPFC The DPFC has more advantages then UPFC when compared and the advantages are, 1).High Reliability The combination of series and shunt converters are very reliable, as there is no feedback connection, and it is also very reliable converters redundancy rises the DPFC reliability for the period of converters operation. In case of failure in any one of the series converters, the others can continue to effort. 2) Highly management Capability The structure of DPFC has extremely manageable capability compare to UPFC it will management all parameters of a transmission network, like line impedance, impedance angle, and voltage magnitude 3).lowest price The cost of DPFC device is low compare to UPFC, if the 1-phase series devices ratings are less than one 3-phase converter. Moreover, the series converters haven’t any high voltage isolation in conductor connecting single-turn transformers which are accustomed to drop the series converters. III. DPFC CONSTRUCTION The DPFC is design is three control methods: series control, shunt control and central controller. A. Series…show more content…
The DPFC is model and three control loops, i.e., central controller, series control, and shunt control are design. If the system is analyzed to one machine, is connected to infinite-bus system, with and without DPFC and also it’s proved that the shunt and series converters. The DPFC can exchange of real power at the 3rd -harmonic frequency and series converters are capable to inject convenient active and reactive power at the fundamental frequency. To simulate the energetic performance of a three-phase fault is measured near to the load. Shows with the aim of the DPFC give a satisfactory performance in power quality improvement and controlling of

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