Kinder Morgan Swot Analysis

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Corporate Social Responsibility Project – BA 342 SP15 Opening: Company overview. Kinder Morgan, the third largest energy company in North America, is a Pipeline Transportation and Energy Storage Company. It transports nature gas, gasoline, crude oil and carbon dioxide. It also stores mainly petroleum products, chemicals and coals product as well. The Kinder Morgan Corporation currently has 12,000 employees. The enterprise value of Kinder Morgan is about $130 billion. In order to maximize its geographic reach and market share, the Kinder Morgan has four mainly “Largest” which includes the largest natural gas network system. It has 68,000 miles of pipelines for transportation; it is the biggest self-supporting transporter of petroleum products…show more content…
Again as being said, the company is a pipeline transportation and energy storage company, so the renewable energy is a great choice for them to stay sustainable. In 2013 corporate sustainability report Kinder Morgan used nearly 30 percent of ethanol in the United States, it also increasing the usage of biodiesel as the actual terminals in Las Vegas and Phoenix began to blend biodiesel. They also has the nation’s “first ethanol unit train-to pipeline distribution” constructed in the Tampa Gateway Rail facility, Florida. In 2014 corporate sustainability report, it said that Kinder Morgan has joined a voluntary environmental program called Green Marine which supported using marine-based facilities and energy source to better coordinate industry and environment. They also recycled and reclaimed more than 7,000 gallons of oil since 2012. In conclusion, in order to protect the environment and be sustainable, Kinder Morgan pays effort in using renewable energy, reclaiming and recycling the fossil fuels, and contributing R&D for finding new ways to coordinate environment and industry production

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