Teenagers Should Be Illegal

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Nowadays many criminals are teenagers many of those people are robber , what lead them to do somethings illegal ? the reason is computer game ,there is a example , two teenagers they have no money to buy some things in game there parents don't give them money because they are so young that they can't make money by them self ,how can they get money ,there is only one way to get money that is robbery, so they robed another people’s money to buy something in computer game . this example let’s us know the computer game is very evil thing, teenagers should not be allowed to play computer game ,computer game do harm to teenagers soul . Teenagers can't recognise the thing is wrong or right so they need to be protected by their parents , they need to be told…show more content…
If we want to change this situations we must solve the society’s problem like forbid teenagers play computer game and drink beer use drug , the parent need to talk with their child explain the computer game beer and drug’s harm .only do this we can solve teenager’s problem. On the other hand teenagers should notice make friends with good person this is the most important thing because bad friends often lead someone to do something illegal, the government need to let teenagers be aware of do something illegal and don't watch violet video. My point is now social pressure is so great,most of the parents are busy making money , they have no spare time to go to the children, to education to children, this let children in the process of growing up lost many of the parents and the exchange and accept education quality of opportunity

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