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According to the Greek philosopher Pindar, the best of all things is water. This view is notsurprising since the need for water, throughout human history, has always been appreciated. It is present everywhere, and without water, life, as it is known, will simply cease to exist. Water is constantly in motion, passing from one state to another and fromone location to another. Whether the water is in motion, or stationary as it is in lakes, itinvariably contains extraneous materials, some due to natural causes but others because ofhuman activities. All these, plus natural variations in water availability, makes its rationalplanning and management a very complex and difficult task under the best of circumstances. Water may be everywhere, but its use has always been dictated by its availabilityin terms of quantity and quality. Water problems of the world are…show more content…
Enhanced water resources management and development are of immediate importance, especially for those communities where the inability to control water places food security in jeopardy. It was in view of this that the study seeks to find out sustainable water resource management in the Ghana The objectives are to: 1. Find out the extent to which sustainable water resource management will improve the living condition and standard of living to users in the study area. 2. Ascertain the role of DistrictAssemblies and other stake holders in sustainable water resource management in the study area. 3. Identify and assess the existing laws and regulations protecting water resources in the study area. 4. Provide recommendations on effective ways of managing water and water resources in the study area and the country at

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