America After 9/11 Immigration Analysis

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The United States have always represented freedom; whether that is religious freedom, freedom of speech, or any of the other kinds of freedom we have. People have immigrated to the US since the country was founded and they continue to do so today, but that could soon change. There have recently been serious discussions about immigration and whether we will continue to allow people to immigrate into the US. Many people, such as Donald Trump, believe that immigrants are destroying our country and taking jobs from Americans. In comparison, people say that the founders of our country were immigrants and the majority of the people living in the US have immigrated themselves or their ancestors came to America generations ago. The word immigration…show more content…
As a child or teenager, you probably didn’t really care about immigration and maybe even wondered why it mattered. However, after 9/11 the concept of immigrants in America, specifically Muslim or Middle Eastern immigrants, changed forever. Jake Flanagin, from says that “since 9/11, the visibility of anti-immigrant sentiments has exploded” (Flanagin, 9/11 forever changed the concept of immigration in the U.S.). What we once believed to be perfectly harmless become something to be feared and prevented. We didn’t understand why anyone would want to attack America and we could never imagine who, in their right mind, would. We wanted justice for the lives lost and we wanted to feel safe again. Just like immigration has different concepts, justice does as well. Some felt that justice meant hunting down whoever had done this and use whatever weapons we had access to while others want to proceed with caution. Nonetheless, our concept of immigration was forever changed on September 11,…show more content…
In the case of immigration, Donald Trump is one of the most outspoken politicians against immigration; legal or illegal. Although his main focus is on immigrants from Mexico, shown in a quote that says illegal Mexican immigrants are “bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists” (Ye Hee Lee, Donald Trump’s false comments connecting Mexican immigrants and crime), he says that he “hates the concept” (Yuhas, Trump ‘hates concept’ of US taking in Syrian refugees but resigns himself to it) of bringing Syrian refugees into the United States. He says, however, that he would possibly allow it because it would be cruel and inhuman to not do something to help them escape the hell that they are living

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