Deviance In Pop Culture

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Without deviance in the world we would have never had anything to base laws and rules off of. As we are all aware, deviance is what shapes our society’s. Without deviance us humans would not know what is wrong and right. Looking back on what we learned in class about Emile Durkheim’s deviance theory, not only is deviance a necessary part of society but it is also impossible not to have it in a functional society. For this assignment on deviance in pop culture, the television show I chose to analyze was T@gged Season 1 episode 1 #Shotgun. T@agged is newer tv show that started in 2016. This tv show is about teenagers that are in their last few years of high school and they want to live their lives to the fullest. But by living their lives to…show more content…
It is more serious now and handled differently. I feel like the consequences weren’t as serious 20 years ago as they are now and we now have many resources to help stop such behaviors. The behaviors are illegal and that is something that will never change. That is why the drinking and smoking age has been raised. I think it is great they have raised the age because it is for their own good. Even though underage drinking and drug use has always been a problem we notice it more now because teenagers have access to social media. The advances in technology seem to make matter worse. It allows individuals to reach out and communicate with people much easier to get stuff. Just like it is shown in the show all it takes is knowing people and just one simple text message. Our society is moving toward less acceptance of these behaviors because the drug epidemic is a serious problem today and the consequences are more powerful and beneficial. Many different studies have been done over the years that look at the effects of drug and alcohol use at a young age. The results seem to lead to different health issues, crimes, addiction and death. So yes, I do believe it is treated different now than 20 years ago. It is taken more seriously and the laws and consequences are more…show more content…
If I had teenage children I would block shows and movies like this. The section that this tv show was in is what really shocks me, it was in Hulu’s teenager section. So, we know who the intended audience is for this show. The content that is shown in this show is not acceptable for teenagers. If anything, it should be in the adult section which is for a more mature audience. It seems like they are promoting the behaviors and making it seem like the cool thing to do when in high school. I get a strong negative reaction from this show and I only watched one episode. I thought smoking cigarettes was banned on tv but it is alright to show teenagers smoking marijuana and drinking alcohol? They should be promoting positive behaviors instead of the negative. In America you would think we want to promote good behaviors that lead to success and not the opposite. It seems like as years go on, tv is going downhill more and more due to the illegal behaviors that are shown to the

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