Ethical Dilemma Of Abortion

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ABORTION Abortion is a miscarriage in other words, termination of a pregnancy. Through history there has been many controversies over abortion. All over the world women are having abortions, therefore there is no right answer to abortion. It's a topic that no one will ever agree on it’s an ethical dilemma. There is pro life and pro choice over many years, this has made a major impact on society and on women's rights. Pro-choice and pro-life have different opinions on abortion. There are numerous poverty, agricultural countries who are trying to become more modern, but their beliefs are opposed to abortion. Numerous of these countries are very religious and disagree on abortion unless the mother is at risk. Many of the non developing countries…show more content…
Abortion has been ongoing since the 1800s. There was medicine like today where you can go to a clinic and get a procedure done . In the colonial days they were herbs being used to create an abortion. They weren't the greatest option back then some led to several deaths. In the eighteenth century, it becomes popular making your own herbs at home to create a miscarriage. When many deaths started to occur, it became illegal just the herbs not the abortion. In the 1840s abortion business became quite popular not only that but illegal drugs. During the late 1800s abortion was blooming Madame Restell became extremely popular after she started to perform abortion service to women. She did this for about thirty-five years and had many offices in New York and Philadelphia. She performed the abortion mainly to middle class white women who were often married and had an offspring. Resell created her own birth pills called “Female Monthly Pills.” If those didn't work they would come back to Restell to get the producer done . Resell became extremely wealthy even if she didn't charge as much to the poor women. She would charge a hundred dollars to the rich white women and twenty to the poor women. Madame Restell later started to expand her practice and created a house where women could give birth and she would help them find a family for their infant it did cost extra. Madame was very well known in New York as…show more content…
In the 1800s women were dying using herbs to create a miscarriage . Now today they are surgical procedure being done, but not everything is guaranteed . There are many health risks when performing abortions the women might not have another option in getting pregnant, she will resent that her whole life . When she wants to create her family in the long run. They can have a health complication after they have an abortion, they are an infection that occur after it's a three day infection that can lead to more complications ,cervical damage. One common infection is called sterility infection when having this infection in women is more likely to have an ectopic pregnancy. Ectopic pregnancy means when the embryo is inserted outside of the womb or uterus .There has also been psychological effects on the women. They later resent the fact they had an abortion some later become depressed that hey gave up their own child. There are other option besides abortion. A woman can give up their baby for adoption . Other women don't have the luck of other women to conceive a baby and they resort to

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