Analysis Of Sidney Sheldon's 'If Tomorrow Come'

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‘If tomorrow comes’ is a high-octane, sexy, crime thriller written in 1985 by Sidney Sheldon. Like most of his books, the protagonist of this novel also happens to a female. The novel consists of three parts each representing the different stages of the protagonist - Tracy Whitney’s life. The story begins with a sumptuous description of Tracy’s young life. Tracy is beautiful, high-spirited but apparently ingenuous high-ranking bank employee in Philadelphia, is pregnant and about to marry society’s most rich and eligible bachelor Charles Stanhope III. She is very happy and contented with her life, but unfortunately this happiness is short lived. Drama begins when Tracy goes to New Orleans to level out the matters after her mother’s suicide.…show more content…
In search of job, Tracy moves to New York where she meets a guy threw earlier jail contacts, who asks her to rob expensive jewellery. For her survival, she reluctantly surrenders to it, and is successful in acquiring the jewels by outwitting the police, but she gets conned by the same guy who hired her, and as Tracy realises it she outwits him. This incident works like a drug for Tracy, robbery soon becomes her passion than profession. After this, Tracy performs a series of robbery and con across the globe by outwitting the police and Daniel Cooper, an insurance investigator, obsessed with arresting Tracy and putting her behind the bars. Every white-collar con made Tracy a beautiful, cunning and mysterious woman. Jeff Stevens who is the only one match for Tracy, outwits her once, which sparks anger in her but also compels love and respect for him. They both have some con adventures together and finally decide to quit robbery. But, as Tracy flies to Brazil to rendezvous with Jeff, she finds Maximilian Pierpont, a near-victim of Tracy’s con sitting next to her. The book ends here, but the end remains quite

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