Persuasive Speech On Freedom Of Speech

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"In a world where a bright screen serves as both a medium of conversation and a catalyst to reduce inhibitions, the topic of freedom of speech is a precarious one. There are many harsh realities of unchecked internet usage, such as suicides due to cyberbullying, threats of violence, and the complete polarization of our nation‚Äôs politics. The ability to hide behind a screen makes anyone braver than they would be in verbal conversation, which raises the question of whether or not U.S. citizens should have the same rights to communicate online as they do in person. I will respond to this inquiry in a blunt manner: the U.S. government should not have the power to monitor or restrict internet usage unless they have reasonable suspicion about illegal activities. The reasoning behind my answer is precisely because people tend to have fewer inhibitions about internet usage than actual conversation. Many well-meaning altruists believe that more government monitoring would lead to better…show more content…
The fourth amendment to the United States Constitution states that governmental searches and seizures are only legal with the issuance of a warrant, given by a judge if there is probable cause. I believe that monitoring of the internet should operate under similar rules. Investigating social media and internet usage should only be allowed under the same circumstances as a reasonable search. This would allow the government to gather evidence that they need for criminal cases but would allow citizens the freedom of speech, ensure that students do not become stealthier about their bullying or threats of violence, and allow the internet to continue to be a center for sharing knowledge and a hub for sharing
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