Sex Workers In Jamaica

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Unlike sex workers in other country that we had learned before, sex workers in Jamaica are also including man. People usually think about women when talk about sex worker. However, in Jamaica, sex workers are also man. Man sells sex for man. They usually go to the park at night to looking for customers. Both genders in Jamaica are sex workers, and they are mostly from the age of 16 to 28. 16 is a teenager and it is too young for the 16 years old to be a sex workers. The buyers are very variety. They can be man and woman because both genders are selling sex. The tourists usually are buyers and they are about from 25 to 49 years old who are mostly older than the seller. The buyer like and give more money to the sex workers who are younger.…show more content…
Government does not allow any type of prostitution. However, it still happens every day. Sex workers have to face with the abuse by their customers. Cause of the job is illegal, therefore, they cannot report to the police when they face the abuse. They have no right while they against the law and no one can protect them. This is a dangerous thing to do in Jamaica. As they says, not just their customer abuse them, police also abuse them which they should be protected instead. Beside of the abuse, sex workers in Jamaica also face with disease such as HIV/AIDS. Because prostitutions are illegal so they do not have any resource they can find to protect. When they know what are they doing are wrong and they want to become better with new life, new job, there are also no opportunity for them to get the chance to except the prostitution. They also affair to go to hospital when they are sick or hurt because they worry the hospital will find out the reason they get hurt or ills which from their job. They are worry that doctor know they are sex workers and refill to treat them or report to police. Therefore, they feel they have no right and the disease will going to spread out in this…show more content…
The women and men with low income become sex worker for life. They are usually from the urban area and were sent to city to sell sex for city people or tourist. Portmore -St. Catherine is areas which have a lot of bar, hotel and sex workers, customers. There are usually larger population of sex workers at the place have more tourist because they can find more income. The sex workers in Jamaica also were sent to international as we know as trafficking. They have the visa and go to other country by the reason such as permit working, performance at other country. However, they go to other country for trafficking. Now, the government have more careful when give visa to people because they worry people go to other country for trafficking instead of working, vacation such they told. Beside of people who are involve in trafficking by their choice, there are also some people who become sex worker because of tricking by other people. Some girl are say think they go to city and be dancer at the club, but later, they realize that they have to sell sex. They are no way to escape. They are usually very young girl and become sex worker as a result of neglect, domestic violence, and parental

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