To What Extent Should People Be Prosecuted For Online Piracy

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Should people be prosecuted for online piracy? Online piracy is the most over-looked crime in our society. A majority of teenagers and many adults commit this crime on a regular basis and are not aware that they are doing it. Let me define what online piracy. The definition of piracy is as follows: “The unauthorized reproduction or use of a copyrighted book’s, recordings, television programs, patented inventions, or trademarked products.” For those of you who still don’t understand, this means anything that is copyrighted and is not legally purchased, or downloaded is illegal. Therefore, I believe anyone who commits this crime should be prosecuted. Throughout this essay I will explain the many reasons on why I believe the people who commit…show more content…
Have you ever looked at a musician’s point of view? They spend countless hours writing, and creating music for you, and me; only to get their art stolen. Most musicians, write for the love, and passion they have for music. However, they still need to make a living, to continue creating music. How do you expect for an artist to pay bills, support themselves, or even their families? Illegal downloading music affects their career and the artist in a negative way. For example, in source four: Blog, the author states, “ It’s not like I’m charging you 20$ an hour for the 10,000 hours that went into making the song. You can legally download it for a buck!” This is a perfect example from an actual musician and his true feeling towards online piracy. Purchasing a song legally cost’s a dollar plus tax, when you illegally download copyrighted music, you are risking an extremely high chance of getting caught, and being forced to pay two-hundred and fifty thousand dollars. I don’t know about you, but I would definitely prefer to spend a dollar over a couple hundred grand! So before downloading copyrighted material, think twice of the many consequences you will

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