Nature Vs Nurture Case Study

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Part 1 Nature and nurture plays a key role in children’s development. Nurture plays the key role to a child’s development. Nurture is the action caring for offspring or raising them. Nurture has significant impact on how children are influenced. Even though children can be influenced by their genetics, family are the ones who have the most impact on their children because they are a child’s first teacher. Part 2 Most people would say that friends would influence a child’s development. As stated by, “friendships help children learn to negotiate relationships, resolve conflict, and cooperate effectively. Friends are not the only people that can help with this, family can help with all these things because they are your first teachers. In a family relationship there are going to be problems, but they help resolve it. Children can always get advice from family. But the adverse still believes that, “peers influence a child’s dislikes, likes, values…show more content…
She has a Bachelor of science in elementary education and taught seventh grade science and language arts for five years. Alison claims that the attitudes of parent’s and their values can be passed down during early childhood. Having family relationships are important for child development. Alison assures that if the child feels loved, safe, and secure by family it can aid in their well-being and self-esteem. Parents has had an involvement with their child and if parents show interest in activities with the child it develops a powerful sense of self in the child. Unlike other articles, this one gives details on just if children are loved and secured by their child then they are okay. I did not like this article much, but it did give insite on parental involvement, and supportive loving family. I did not like this essay as much, but it did give insite on why family and parent’s help with child development and I can include this in my
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