Wireless Sensor Advantages And Disadvantages

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ABSTRACT: Wireless sensor network is make from millions sensor of network capable that performing some processing gathering sensory information and communicating with other connected in a network. To leave out exclude to found vary applications or much more successive in future times. They are flexible working and experiment of the surroundings. In this paper we define a hybrid routing protocol (APTEEN) that permission for good and simple data and information. The sensor of network in a way that connection is not only the reaction on any problem or on this problem time whole view of every time of the sharing information of happening regularly period of time and intervening stage of time in a few energetic performing…show more content…
The low price make it easy to have ha millions system network of each another. There by the data reliability of the data is easily. This network sensor offers the data about remote control , wide area speed surroundings alters etc. there are many kinds of uses and advantages of wireless networks .there are reducing installation cost is very common. This is the life time system. The wireless network is not available on every place. In the chemical factory the network is available. If the F is 40 or 45 then the work doing very…show more content…
There are many peoples are suffering from many diseases and many problems in health cares. So many are 30 to 4o age are suffering from the disease of high cough and suffocation. There are many long term and short term diseases. A very big problem is population in our country is vary fast growing and growing .There is no compromise and no full stop on this big problem. Every day is a new day in our country. The advanced technologies are introduced day by day. In every field the technology is must be interrupted. One of the most popular is health controlling. There are many sensors for physical, environmental and many more sensors are used. The new technologies are ECG and many more technologies are introduced. (REF:PAPER 2 ) ABSTRACT: We introduced the new technology TINYSEC. This is the first and fully implemented of link layer security. This is the wireless sensor network design. This is for the security of protocols of other wireless network. This gives us the full 100% warranty for our security. This is very costly. Every person is note use this wireless security. There are many types of hardware in this network. This is use very low energy. INTRODUCTION: This is very costly software. There is no copyright. When the software is used we take permission from the head of department. This

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