Brief Summary Of Gavin Lee's Revenge Of The Fortune

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Revenge of the Fortune Gavin Lee a youth with a divorced parents and enormous amount of fortune. His parents always altercate about their relationship. Living this way was tough for just a youthful child. Every night he gets into depression, then falls in very deep sleeps. His dreams are far beyond what a normal person would hallucinate. Usually dreams about places around the world, each region would show a secluded totem. Each totem means something and foretells the future. They’re labeled by a strip of line which circumference the totem. The various totems include good luck, bad luck, and the guidance. In order to acquire some of these totems he’ll need to come across it and uncover. As he was growing up, he had an uncle named Rexxar. He tends to steal the Lee’s fortune with his…show more content…
He quickly loses money with all the tuition fees, so then he accepted the challenge to get it back the fortune back. His years of schooling, he had trouble making friends and getting along with teachers. Except he had one friend since kindergarten named Logan Davenport, who has always been there helping him. Gavin fails to locate his uncle at their secret hide out, then calls Logan to hook him up with some gadgets. As he was brought to the Davenport’s warehouse, he was astonished with all the devices displayed. But what he was more bewildered about was a mysterious totem, that was placed by the corner of the depository. As he uncovered the totem, Gavin felt mesmerized. The voices of his father was heard, his father dramatically said “ Fight back of what is right, justice demands retribution !”. As he derives his father’s words, Gavin felt supernatural changes running through his blood. He then unconsciously obtains the ability to have Telekinetic powers. Gavin takes a pocket knife and a M8A1, then later thanks Logan for his convenience. That same day at night, he falls in a deep sleep relating to his uncle Rexxar’s location and his henchmens whom is heavily

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