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The person in my life that I will always value and admire the most is undoubtedly my sister, Sandra Dinis. She continuously will inspire and motivate me through not only her words, but also her actions. She undeniably has tons of positive traits that she has taught me throughout my years that I can apply to the real world. She has shown me that with great work and persistence people can achieve great things. From this I learned morals like choosing right from wrong and staying on the right path to greatness. As well as other underlying traits like intelligence and consistency with challenges that life may bring. Not a day goes by where I look up to her and obtain knowledge and motivation to continue with my dreams and goals academically, and…show more content…
She strives to succeed and wont take no for an answer. This has taught me to be a more hard working person and to try harder in my life for success, and that success may take time. Additionally, she is one of the hardest working people in my family and, only person in my family who is going to a very intelligent college. She has achieved this by persisting through her work, which pushes me to always complete tasks on time. I have learned the best from her and continue to gain knowledge from her experiences and past. As I follow in her footsteps and ask for advice from her, she is honest and wise. Also, she always tries her hardest and is genuine which is one of the characteristics I look up to her the most for. In brief, she is the opposite of lousy and careless. Another trait that I look to my sister for is knowing right from wrong throughout her life. She’s almost finished her teenage journey that was filled with peer pressure and temptations. I am positive throughout those years she has made mistakes and steered off the right path. However, these mistakes have made her who she is today. Furthermore, she didn’t slump down to peer pressure or her mistakes. In other words, she didn’t let them define

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