Why I Want To Be An Engineer Essay

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Engineering isn’t something that I am very invested in but I find very interesting and challenging and it helps make a different from the average American teenage girl. Engineering is a broad job it insists of many other fields such as Biomedical, Soundboard, electrical, and etc. Engineering hasn’t just broadened my ideas on what I could be when I grow up but has widened my interest on a whole other level. So you ask what makes me smile it’s the way it feels when you complete your first song and it’s completely done by yourself off your soundboard. But when you are struggling, the best place to turn to is your group, your team and your peers, to turn this single handed project into a group collaboration. So you ask do I enjoy working in groups yes, but only with people who are as passionate about working as…show more content…
Designing, testing, and researching plays a big part in being an engineer but that’s all a challenge. Challenges as I stated before spark my mind, being stuck with different constraints makes things much more interesting. Being under pressure is when I work best, it gives me some form of adrenaline that allows me to keep going and try to finish the project ,time crunches and economical disadvantages make me work harder to get things done. Being an engineer is all about working hard to solve problems whether the problem is to find an innovative way to pick a shoe or building a time machine. Regardless of the problem I like to solve it, engineering takes perseverance without it you can get lost. Many people ask what do I want to do and when I reply back with an engineer they ask me why and that I’m just going to get too much work and quit when really the job of an engineer is challenging and with the correct set of perseverance you can get it done In the future, I often ponder where I’ll be; in fact, nobody knows where they’ll
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