Homeless Youth In The Homestretch: Film Analysis

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As of 2009, the number of homeless young adults in America lays at an estimated number of 1.6 million (Eagle, p.29). Produced by directors Kirsten Kelly and Anne de Mare, The Homestretch is an observatory documentary that follows the lives of three homeless teenagers in Chicago. The analysis of homeless youth in The Homestretch reveals some of the deeper issues that link to the growing epidemic: immigration, abandonment, and lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgender (LGBT) rights. Kirsten Kelly lived in Chicago for six years before moving to New York City to follow her dream of film and theatre directing. Kelly has been named a Helen Hayes-nominated Best Director title two times and her theatre productions have been displayed nationally (75th Anniversary: Alumni Profiles). Anne de Mare is a director and an award-winning playwright whose original plays have been displayed nationally as well. Together in 2002, the two women created Spargel Productions and have created other successful productions, such as Asparagus! Stalking the American Life, another observational-genre documentary that has won awards including Winner of…show more content…
TLP gives opportunities to over 500 young adults, who they consider survivors—victims of trauma or homelessness, every year (Teen Living Programs). The staff and volunteers at Teen Living Programs believe that every teenager they take in has potential to pick up the pieces of their life to put it back together. Teen Living Program’s Belfort house in Chicago houses people between the ages 17-21 as long as they’re involved in productive activities that will help them have a better future. The non-profit organization wishes that the youth strive for future success and self-sufficiency, according to TLP’s official website. There is currently a 74% success rate in residents obtaining jobs after living in the program (Teen Living

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