Ted Talk Analysis

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Ashley Thomas Professor Andrews English Comp 1 T/TH 8:00am September 29, 2015 Prewriting Topic: Ted Talk- Who am I? Think again By Hetain Patel Questions 1. What makes people stereotype? 2. Who stereotypes? 3. What are people stereotyped over? 4. When are people stereotyped? 5. Do people realize they are stereotyping? 6. How does it feel to be stereotyped? 7. Does stereotyping only happen in America? 8. Does stereotyping happen every day? 9. Where did stereotyping begin? 10. How do people stereotype others? 11. Why do people stereotype? Listings 1. Stereotyping has become a natural human behavior. 2. It is picked up on as a child because everyone does it. 3. Everyone stereotypes 4. People and cultures are stereotyped everyday 5. Most…show more content…
People judge one another by where they are from, how they look, how they dress, and what they believe. Most people don’t realize they are stereotyping because it feels so natural. Every culture has a stereotype such as Irish are mean or the German people drink a lot of beer. It hurts really bad to be judged. No one likes being judged or put down because of the way they feel or how they look especially when they can not change that. Sometimes stereotypes become a reality because they are heard so much that people begin to believe them and then act that way. Because even if they don’t do the things they are accused of they are still accused. Most cultures are stereotyped over the bad things they have done because no one ever remembers the good things a person has done. Stereotyping give cultures a bad reputation because it makes people assume you are mean or whatever the stereotype is before they ever even get to meet you. Stereotyping has been going on since the beginning of time and will probably never change. People will always talk and judge no matter what you do. Stereotyping is learned as a child because it is always being done and it just becomes a natural thing. Such as people assuming all black people eat watermelon or that all Irish people are mean yet a majority of people don’t even realize that is just a stereotype. Stereotyping happens to every culture and every culture believes that their
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