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Loved ones should always be first priority, but some people simply act as if it does not matter. Ruby Electric, by Theresa Nelson, is a story that takes place in Los Angeles, California. Ruby Miller leads the readers through her very adventurous and wild summer break along with the help of her brother, Pete, and mother. Ruby was daydreaming about her newly improved screenplay when her dad calls her to come with him so they can catch a movie. Finally, at last, Ruby learns to snap out of her daydreams when it is time for family. Ruby Miller is a twelve year old girl with red hair, and she was by far the most impressive out of all the characters because she was so unique and she would seem to always be paying attention, but in her mind, she…show more content…
For example,”Like we always talk about everything, right?”(190) In this quote, Ruby makes her mother think about how much she has been leaving her children out of her decisions, her life, and the information that has them wondering: Where is Daddy? As their mother, Pearl Miller, thought about the situation to herself, she began to realize that she should include her children when she has any problems or special information. Furthermore,”Mr.Spielberg will just have to wait--her daddy’s taking her to the movies, and she doesn’t want to miss a single minute.”(261) This proves that Ruby learned that family comes before anything else. She eventually started looking for her dad, but when she found him, she felt as if after all that time, he did not care for her anymore, so she left him. Soon they met again and Ruby realizes that he still loved her family as much as he had six years ago, and that she should spend as much time as she can involving her family in her life to treasure their time together. In conclusion, the Miller family learns the lesson,” loved ones come first” one by one, each in different and unique ways, and their attitudes slowly shape around the theme as

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