Christopher Mcdougall's Born To Run

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Christopher McDougall, the author of the book, Born to Run is a very determined person. To begin, at the start of the book all he wanted to find out was a way to prevent running injuries and that led him on a great journey. For example, he travelled all over North America just to find out a way to be able to run without becoming wounded. Furthermore, Christopher McDougall is determined because of how much he helps Caballo Blanco with his crazy idea. Though he does not believe the idea is possible he still tries to help Caballo Blanco, and his lucidious idea ends up coming together. For instance, the determined partners, Christopher McDougall convince some of the world’s greatest ultrarunners, such as Scott Jurek and Barefoot Ted to come to…show more content…
As explained before, Christopher McDougall convinces some of the world’s best ultrarunners to come down to the Copper Canyons in Mexico to run an ultramarathon. Normally this would take a very influential person to persuade the most talented runners in the world, but on top of that the Copper Canyon is one of the most dangerous places to run. In fact, one wrong step could cause a runner to fall to their death, ending their career and their life. Next, the story likely would never have occurred if Christopher McDougall was not a convincing human being. To be more specific, when attempting to talk to Caballo Blanco if Christopher McDougall wasn’t persuasive Caballo Blanco probably would have just left, and not talked to him, which thus would lead to the ultramarathon and the whole story never happening. To conclude, near the end of the book Christopher McDougall explains why shoes are one of the most destructive force to ever hit the human foot. The author backs up this claim with proof from scientists, and sports medicine doctors displaying that there has been a higher amount of knee injuries, and weaker feet since Nike’s modern athletic shoes were released in 1972. Christopher McDougall also explains that Nike, as well as other large shoe companies knew about these problems, yet still continued selling them. Christopher McDougall’s persuasiveness convinced me to believe the reality of shoe companies that I would not have believed before all of this

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