Truth In A Streetcar Named Desire Essay

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Truth becomes an important aspect in the play A Streetcar Named Desire by Tennessee Williams. Each character has an individualized reaction to the discovery of the truth. Blanche tries to escape the reality of her life by lying to herself and everyone else which eventually drives her to insanity. Stella is a loyal sister and wants to believe Blanche’s stories despite that her husband, Stanley, tries to manipulate her to see that Blanche is a fraud. Stanley is a cruel and controlling husband to Stella who becomes increasingly violent throughout the story. Mitch is a decent man who falls for Blanche until the truths about her past arise. Through these characters, the theme of deception becomes evident as truths are revealed and lies become apparent. Blanche is a character who fears the truth. She tells a stream of lies that she convinces…show more content…
She wants to believe that her sister can do no wrong. When she does realize the truth, she is distraught by the fact that her sister could possibly do such terrible things. She is driven to take a drastic measure by sending Blanche off without protest. Stella is left trapped alone with her abusive husband and their child, knowing that he raped her beloved sister. She now has to deal with raising a child with a disgusting excuse for a husband. The most violent reaction comes from Stanley. From the very beginning, he is suspicious of Blanche. He takes an accusatory tone toward her and makes it his mission to find out what she is hiding. When he finds out, he is determined to use the information to drive Blanche out of his house. He makes his dominance known to Blanche by raping her and taking all the pride she had left. He takes everything she has left and she goes crazy because of it. Stanley effectively got her out of the house in the most disturbing way possible and she is then sent to a mental

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