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Is Parker Paws the Best Choice? You Choose… As a child have you ever gone to your local animal shelter with your mother or father to look around for prospects of animals that could one day be a part of your family? You go home to think about the sweet dogs and fluffy kittens deciding which one would be the best for your family, then go back ready to bring home the most loveable German Shepard only to find out that he had been euthanized days before. As a little girl that was a horrible experience for my family and I. Since then we have supported non-profit, non-euthanized, and volunteer organizations such as Parker Paws. Traditional shelters are a good place to house run away pets or save abused animals but Parker Paws is a much better solution to rescue and care for orphan pets until they can find a home. While in the shelter most animals have two weeks to be adopted before being euthanized, mostly due to overcrowding. According to the ASPCA 35% of dogs who enter shelters get adopted, 31% are euthanized, and 26% who came in as strays are collected by their owners. For cats 37% are adopted, 41% are euthanized, and less than 5% of owners come…show more content…
Parker Paws has been around for the last 8 years and saves 500-600 animals a year on volunteer support alone. According to their website all of their cats and dogs are given their vaccinations, spayed/neutered, and microchipped before being adopted out. Parker Paws is a no kill shelter, every animal that comes to them is taken care of until it can find a home. They try to give every type of animal from the average house pet to exotic ones like an iguana a second chance at finding their forever homes. Every Saturday they have adoptions at PetSmart or Tractor Supply Co for the dogs in their organization and have the cats and kittens on display inside PetSmart daily. The best way to reach the founders of the organization is through PetSmart or their contact information is on the Parker Paws

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