The Doolittle Raid: The Battle Of Midway

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The Doolittle Raid served a key role in helping America get their morale back and win the Pacific War. Though the damage to Tokyo was minimal, the impact was devastating. The Doolittle Raid, though only a pinprick, paved the way for the Battle of Midway. The tragedies in the Pacific in World War II were catastrophic, America bounced back to become the strongest nation in the world. These raiders are part of America's greatest generation and we should never forget their sacrifices they made for us.In 1933, Germany elected a leader named Adolf Hitler, who convinced the Germans, and the rest of the world into believing that Nazis were peaceful. As soon as the US left the 1936 Berlin Olympics, Hitler took away, Jews, gypsies, homosexuals, and…show more content…
Aboard the USS Hornet, the Raiders faced many unforeseen events that almost ruined the mission. With great determination, they were able to overcome them to bring honor back to the American public.The raiders were loaded up on the aircraft carrier and they were headed to japan when they were spotted by a Japanese patrol boat over 300 miles away from the designated take off point.The unfortunate cloudy weather during the raids made it so the B-25's couldn't locate their targets as planned.The B-25's were forced to crash land in enemy territory because of their early encounter with the Japanese.After crash-landing in China, the Doolittle Raiders were greeted by thousands who were dying to here the story of how the Empire of Japan was on its downfall. The raiders were given safety, provisions, and enough supplies to assist them from their journey.After being cared for by the Chinese government, the raiders had to eventually head home to America. Greeted by their friends and family, the Doolittle Raiders became legends in the eyes of the public.Robert L. Hite, one of the raiders who captured and was sent to one of the concentration camps, spent forty months in harsh labor in horrific conditions as they watched those around them die.The Doolittle raids improved the morale of Americans by showing them that they could take down the Japanese Empire. After Pearl Harbor, the Japanese were taking out US settlements in the Pacific Islands, because of the destruction of the Pacific Fleet. The Doolittle Raids drew those troops back because they had to worry about their homeland instead of fighting offensively. In addition, the Doolittle Raid also paved the way for the Battle of Midway, where the United States took out most of the Japanese fleet. The Doolittle Raid was a baby step for the United States and for the war. Without it, the Battle of Midway would've been delayed because of the

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