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Ted Bundy Ted Bundy was born on November 24, 1946, his real name was Theodore Robert Cowell. His mother Eleanor Louise Cowell was a single mother, instead of raising Ted on her own she moved into her parents house in Philadelphia. As Ted grew up he thought that his grandparents were his birth parents (Crime feed staff, 2015). Knives were appealing to bundy around the age of three to four years old. Bundy did well in school and was a very shy person. As he was growing up, in his early teen years people started to see the other side of Bundy. Bundy began to peek into people's windows and he also started to steal items from people and their homes. Ted graduated from Woodrow Wilson High School in 1965. Bundy attended schooling at the University of Washington to get a degree in psychology. After he graduated from the University he went on and was accepted into law school in Utah. As becoming a young adult he began to like looking at magazines that had sexual violence. He would go to the public library and look at detective magazines and books and mostly look at all…show more content…
Bundy was known to kill/rape girls from the age of 12-18 and women from 18 and up. When Bundy attended the University of Washington he fell in love. This girl was Bundy’s dream girl she had everything he was looking for. When they broke up he was really depressed, so he started the rage of killing girls that were similar to his college girlfriend. Ted mostly killed women with long dark hair during his pursuit. Bundy was a cruel man he would fake an injury in his car, so that the women would come help him. He would then kidnap the women and first he would rape them, and then he would kill them. Bundy killed people from all over, Washington(10), Colorado(5), Utah(7), Oregon(1), Florida(3), Idaho(2), Vermont, and USA. Bundy said alcohol was a factor of his first murder(Corpus, 1989). His rampage lasted as long as three

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