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Kanye West: The Educator 21 million albums sold, 100 million digital downloads. 21 Grammys, 3 of the Greatest 500 albums if all time, best album of the 2010’s, and one of the World’s Most Influential People (Kanye West). Kanye West is one of the most famous, successful, and polarizing figures of the 21st century. But why would someone write and publish an entire academic essay the honorary Dr. West? Well, the author, Antero Garcia, who is a former music journalist and is now a teacher, writes about how he infuses hip-hop into his lesson. Teaching in an underprivileged community, he would permeate what the students know and learn outside of school and relate it to lessons that they need to move onto the next level. Mr. Garcia questions why teachers don’t adapt their teaching methods to the student to ensure that they…show more content…
Teaching is an ever-evolving craft. Mr. Garcia based his research on practices that he uses. He writes about West’s different approach to marketing, media production, and communications and how teaching these real-world examples helped his students understand. It is explained that after his infamous Taylor Swift interruption at the VMA’s, he had to implement a public relations plan to get back into the publics good graces. West then started a free music campaign named GOOD (Getting Out Our Dreams) Fridays, in which rough copies of songs are released for free on his website with borderline offensive, but beautiful artwork gracing the cover. Along with his song covers, his music videos off of the My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy were creative and a breath of fresh air. He also made a short film to accompany the album titled Runaway in that he directed and starred in along side supermodel Selita E. Banks that he released for free one month before the album. On July 28, 2010, eleven months after his incident

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