Patriots Leadership Strengths

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I want to have a leadership position in this band because Patriots means a lot to me. I desire to be able to help this band, to teach this band, and to lead this band in a more useful way then I have been able to in the past. As a junior and a three-going-on-to-four-year veteran, I want to be able to share my knowledge and to aid in this band becoming something great, and live up to its name, as I am sure it would anyway. In my heart, I am a Patriot, and I want to serve this band to the best of my abilities 2. What do you believe are your greatest leadership strengths and greatest leadership challenges? One leadership strengths I possess is that I am a very good public speaker and am able to easily address a group of people whether it is a big or small one. I…show more content…
Do you feel you'd do the band more good playing your instrument or as a non-playing commander? I feel like I would be valuable in both positions, but I feel like the sax section could manage without me. We will hopefully have a bunch of returning veterans who will step up and take charge. I also feel that at this point in my Patriots career I would be more valuable as a leader, and if need be I could also personally assist the sax section to guarantee they learn their part well and play it correctly. 5. What do you see as your role in the band if you aren't in a "titled" leadership position? Even with a titled position or not I will act like a leader, for I am a veteran as well as an upper-classman, thus am expected to set an example and as a leader in whatever I do. I know that younger people will look up to meet and follow what I do, so I will strive to do things right. The title does not really matter, everyone in the ban, especially veteran and junior/seniors should always be acting as a leader regardless. 6. If you were a section leader or commander, how would you handle a situation where one of your friends wasn’t upholding Patriots’ standards? What if this person were a section

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