Technology's Influence On Technology And Technology

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“The best way to create value in the 21st century is to connect creativity with technology.” (Jobs) Steve Jobs, one of the greatest inventors of all time and a technology genius, had this to say about technology's influence on creativity. Although technology is believed by many to interfere with creativity, this is not the case. Many reasons come to mind when this subject is brought up, for example some people can express their interests through social media, they have the opportunity to not accept any criticism from anyone, and lastly they are able to share and collaborate worldwide. During the last decade, a new era for technology emerged. Just 11 years ago, Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone. With the advanced technology from the iPhone,…show more content…
First, Youtube became a big hit and bloggers emerged. Youtubers were able to post videos sharing their unique personality worldwide with the touch of a screen. Youtube allows anyone to showcase their creativity whether it be through full length videos or just little skits. If a Youtuber’s videos gets a lot of views, they have the potential to get paid through advertisements and brand deals relating to their creative content. Many Youtubers love youtube because it lets the have a place to show off what talents they have. “Growing up, I was always creatively inclined, and when YouTube came about, it was like getting the perfect platform to showcase what I wanted...” famous Youtuber Lilly Singh stated about Youtube and how it helped her both express and share her creativity. (Lilly Singh). After Youtube came Instagram, which became a huge sensation because of the ability to post pictures of people’s differing everyday lifestyles. With Instagram, people are able to read about other people's life and hobbies they have. They are able to see just about anything that anyone would like to post and have the whole world see. “Teens can discover photography techniques and encourage each other to take up photography as a hobby... Instagram is certainly an ideal platform for creative teens, where they can find a wealth of content around almost any interest they might have.” (Chell) This was stated by a author named Chell, and she obviously believes that social media can bring out the most creativity from anyone. Other social media platforms like Twitter, Snapchat, and Tumblr are all creative outlets for people who want to show their creativity but do not know how to in the real world. Just like Instagram, Tumblr allows you to post pictures of anything anyone desires to show. Social media allows one to have a different online persona that expresses the creativity they may be too scared to express in real
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