Informative Essay On The Milky Way

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Introduction Hook: On clear moonless nights, people can often see a blurry, bright band stretching across the sky. This is called the “milky way”. Today, we realize that this blurry band is our view from the inside of a big disk that is home to billions of stars including our own Sun, and ginormous amounts of interstellar dust. This is our galaxy, the Milky Way. Summary of Information: Around the early 1900’s, astronomers were questioning the makeup of galaxies. So one day the astronomers pulled out a telescope and started seeing cloudy, spiral-shaped objects in the sky. And they were questioning if they were gas clouds in the milky way, or a big group of stars far away from our galaxy. Thesis: Galaxies are huge collections of several million stars and they contain dust, gas, and solar…show more content…
High-mass in the stars means they live fast and die young, using fuel at a high rate to keep the high temperatures. And this causes the stars to eject hot radiation that is a blueish color. Repeat support until done: A red colored star is a part in the galaxy with some old stars. The high-mass stars are puffed and cooled, and after nothing happened to the low-mass stars, they both eject cool radiation that is a reddish color. Fact 1: A red/pink patched colored star is called a “HII” ("H-two"). This is a cloud of free protons and electrons. And when a proton catches an electron, it gives out a light. And whenever this happens, the galaxy ejects red light, causing the galaxy to appear reddish. Lead: wait til paper Body Paragraph: Transition: Finally, State your point: different types of galaxies Support your point: Spiral galaxies consist of having a flat disk with a swollen center and spiral arms surrounding. The disks include stars, planets, dust, and gas which all rotate around the center of the

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