Technology In The 21st Century

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In this techno era imagine and predict future is possible with the invention and evolution of technologies. Humanities are moving forward with the help technologies. 20th century was the period of technological development. Communication technology, transport, weapon systems, satellites were developed at the end of it. People were introduced to radio, telephone, television, computer and Internet. Though they were discovered and came to use not all the people used all these developments except aristocratic people. In the last decade mobile phone was introduced whereas telephone and television reached the horizons. 21st century is the age of information. Mobile phone is the tool of this century which is being used by most of the…show more content…
So at their very young age they come to know something’s and which may affects their childhood. And they may see porn and which may affect psychologically. This will spoil their childhood and make them rough without the innocence of young age. Because if we search or visit any page the porn products are displayed at the first. So they divert our minds. Cyber crimes are increased now a day. CCTV cameras are the advanced technology .Everyone is using it for various purposes. In Public places and private places we are being under surveillance. In education some schools have smart class which is easier for the students to learn. Digital library is a gift to us because it is amazing that library is in a computer. And we can quickly find the needed books. It is easy to keep and share. Even in the temples the automatic drums replaced the musicians of that region. Cinema is an art accompanied with technology. So without technology we can’t make Film. Film is the major communicators in this scientific era. Nowadays literature form applies to film which is relevant to the mindset of the people. The imagination and creation in the screen makes the modern real environment into the artificial world create to bring idea about the…show more content…
Science can be easy to the common man for understanding when literature took the communication with different methods and techniques like plays, dramas, poetry, theatre etc.., “Imagination also plays an important role in the development of science and technology” stated by Russian scientist Mikhail Rebrov. Science fiction is a new genre in 1926 labeled as ‘scientifiction’ by American radio engineer and magazine editor, Hugo Gernsback. Science fiction is a story with futuristic literature of future. It is literary form recognized with its history, tradition,conventions and its other major writers.Famous writer in science ficton like Isaac Asimov - I, Robot, Bicentennial man, Robotiks: Isaac Asimov’s (Clank! Clank!) Artificial Man; Ray Bradbury, Philip k. Dick- Blade Runner, Total Recall; Arthur C .Clarke – short story: The sentinel and movie 2001: A Space Odyssey; Orson Scott card – short stories: Lost boys, Ender’s Game. In the literature of science fiction there are many sub genre were used in that Artificial Intelligence predominant one. As a subgenre AI includes Sub theme like Utopia and Dystopia. Science fiction trigger out the positive and negative side of the Artificial Intelligence. The motive of the Robot with AI is man like creation noted by Samuel Butler in his many articles later composed as novel Erewhon in 1872and published in the name

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