Technology: The Importance Of Science And Technology

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As science and technology develop rapidly, all types of research and development have dazzled citizens’ eyes. Different from the past which people have had a slow pace of life, people now gradually accelerate their rhythm. Life becomes more and more favorable when various techniques start to walk into daily life, and the public eulogizes the mightiness of science and advocate to contrive further. However, this trend could not last forever, media begin launching a new movement — urging people to slow down and enjoy the beauty of life and saying that Americans, or the world, have count on automation overabundantly. Almost every devices in daily life relate to high technology. Nonetheless, the original intention of technology appears serving people.While…show more content…
House-work keeps a great amount of people from living on their own, but the innovation on appliances brings down the threshold. Floor mopping robot, in particular, frees users’ hands, for they only need to press the start button, and the robot would start walking everywhere to vacuum the floor. Correspondingly, brainy corporates have designed machine to help people wash dishes, nightmare of numerous youngsters and adults, and amazingly, machine washes far more better than manual work does. In the past, people might want to get rid of parents’ help in order to live individually but found themselves not able to bear those weighty house work. Now, they can move out from their family and live confidently by themselves. Not only benefiting housework rookies, these devices also alleviate housewives’ burden, which allow moms to work more efficiently and leave out more free time for them. In sum, Americans do not bank on technology, but utilize it to live an exquisite…show more content…
Technology shortens the distance between people, give aim to residents who lives unassisted, and builds up social network. After human enjoy the advantages of technology, they start to oppugn the rationality of science and technology. They pretend as Saviors and claim themselves as people who return to their original nature. Too numerous to mention one by one, people become use to bite the hands that feed one. Refer to Jesus’ words in Luke 6:41: “Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye” (New International Version), they should not doubt the reliance to innovative devices, but should survey their heart and ask themselves what changed their pure nature to an ungrateful

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