Essay On Portrayal Of Violence In The Media

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It is believed that many video games, television programs, advertisements, movies and even lyrics in music depict different forms of violence. There have been many cases in which some people think or believe that there is too much exposure of violence in the world of media. As a matter of fact there are many studies have made the claim that the media is to blame for the amount of violence we see in our day-to-day life. However, a big problem regarding that matter is that people forget that individuals can make their own choices and abide by moral ethical responsibilities. We cannot just allow ourselves to point the blame on other things such as the media alone. The violence seen in our media not only does it impact adults, but children as well. There is added concern for the young ones regarding how…show more content…
() However, not all of these images shown are actually as harmful as some critics may portray, a simple image of a dog, or a football tackle, to illustrate a point can go a long way in forming the backbone of a story. The issues that arise from the flagrant portrayal of violence in the different forms of media, can be attributed to the choreographed scenes that are common staple of films, TV shows and even Informative programs such as those found on Discovery channel. () While it may be seen as poor taste to be shown during the News like crime-scene re-enactments, the entertainment value of it is incalculable. The different Media channels have different levels of acceptance of violence that can be portrayed. It is seen as acceptable to portray violent actions in films and comic books however TV shows have to maintain a certain level, or they must be shown past watershed hours (usually past 9pm in most

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