The Gettysburg Address: Why, What Happened?

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The Gettysburg Address: Why, how and what happened? On November 19, 1863, during the Civil War of the United States, a speech was held in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, that would later go down as one of the greatest in American history. The speech was held during the dedication of the Gettysburg Cemetery, a cemetery founded to honour the deceased soldiers of the battle of Gettysburg. The 272 word long address which the then current president Lincoln held at this event have been remembered ever since and have had a huge impact on the people and the history of the United States. My intention with this essay is to give a wider understanding on why the speech happened and just what impact it has had on the country. So what was the events leading up to the Speech held that morning in November 1963? In the year 1860, the republican presidential candidate Abraham Lincoln was sworn into office as the president of the United States. The northerner had been a loud voice…show more content…
In this short speech, Lincoln shared his idea that the Declaration of Independence contained the true intent that the founding fathers had for America. People had argued that it was permitted by the Constitution to own slaves but Lincoln now proposed that it instead went against one of the main themes of the Declaration of Independence, “That all men are created equal” . Since the Declaration of Independence was made to shape the United States, having slaves went against the will of the founding fathers and it was this message that would eventually make the speech as important as we know it now to be. The idea that The Declaration of Independence contained the true will of the founding fathers was, by Lincoln, put into contrast with how the society of that time went against these

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