Traphaco Case Study

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I have worked for the Transportation Pharmaceutical and Medical Equipment Company (TRAPHACO) for three years. The company was founded on May 16th, 1994 with functions of production and trading of pharmaceuticals, medical supplies and equipment. On July 5th 2001 the company changed its named into TRAPHACO, for the purpose of trading in multiple industries in line with the new economic trends. On the 45-year race for the faith of health of Vietnamese people, TRAPHACO, with more than 800 employees and 50 billion VND, has brought position and power of development with experiments and reform strength. Our company’s vision is to be the biggest enterprise of pharmaceutical industry in Vietnam With the slogan “Take science and technology centered,…show more content…
Specifically, the company is using production processes using modern technology in accordance with GMP - WHO, GLP, GSP, GDP, ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001: 2015 standards, 5S Kaizen tools. Japan, and KPI management tools. Furthermore, the company have built and developed a strong OTC sales system nationwide with more than 22,000 customers, applied high technology in Distribution System Administration (DMS), equipped tablet computers for sales staffs to update and analyze sales data accurately and helped the manager to make the right decisions in a timely manner. We also invested in and applied the multi-functional ERP management software in the company in order to raise the quality of products and diversify the form of product manufacture.…show more content…
Therefore, in the recent years, R & D (Research & Development) has become the central focus of the company and its role is expected to be more important in future. Based on our mission to use green technology to produce medicines and health care products and services, we have invested and applied eco-friendly technology to create the green value chain, where all materials, technology, production, and supply services are green. In the current phase, Traphaco is on the path of sustainable development with a vision of a "Path of Green Health" throughout the value target chain - Green Value Chain: "Green Material - Green Technology - Green Products - Green Service ". With the goal of applying green technology, Traphaco focuses on efficient use, conservation, regeneration and development of natural

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