Technological Pedagogical Knowledge

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3.1 Components of TPACK Content Knowledge As we have discussed above Content knowledge (CK) is teachers’ knowledge about the subject matter to be learned or taught. The content to be taught primary school is different from the content to be taught in a secondary school and higher institution. Knowledge of content is of critical importance for teachers. As Shulman (1986) distinguished that this knowledge includes concepts, theories, ideas, organizational frameworks, evidence and proof, as well as established practices and approaches toward developing such knowledge. Pedagogical Knowledge Pedagogical Knowledge (PK) is teachers’ insightful awareness about the progression and practices or technique of teaching and learning. Pedagogical knowledge…show more content…
Considering the power of technology on the practices and knowledge of a given discipline is critical to developing appropriate technological tools for educational purposes. The selection of technologies affords and constrains the types of content ideas that can be taught. similarly, certain content decision can limit the types of technologies that can be used. Technology can limit the types of possible representations, but also can give the creation of newer and more diverse representations. In addition, technological apparatus can provide a better degree of flexibility in finding the way across these representations (Mishra & Koehler,…show more content…
Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge is unlike from knowledge of all three concepts independently. Instead, Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge is the basis of successful teaching with technology, requiring an understanding of the illustration of concepts using technologies, pedagogical techniques that employ technologies in productive ways to teach content, knowledge of what makes concepts complex or easy to learn and how technology can assist remedy some of the problems that students face, knowledge of students’ previous knowledge and theories of epistemology, and knowledge of how technologies can be used to construct on existing knowledge to develop new epistemologies or strengthen old ones (Mishra & Koehler,

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