Ways To Be Happy At Work Essay

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0 Ways to Be Happy at Work (Even If You Hate It) 1. Define your own definition of work happiness and satisfaction What does being happy mean to you? What about work satisfaction? Is it flourishing? Is it belonging and feeling valued? Is it achieving? Is it seeing a task to completion? Seeing a customer or client smile, is that a priority? Everyone has a different definition of the word happiness. Start with these questions as a baseline. Is there anyway you can bring them into your current role? Even if the boss and management couldn't care, do you care enough to take full accountability for your happiness? 2. No two days are ever going to be the same What I learned from the bank was I approached each day in the same way. I had already…show more content…
Here's the thing, you are the culture. You may not think you are but if an organisation is paying you for your skills, then you shape the culture. Yes, I know you may disagree with me, you may feel you have no power or status when it come to making decisions in a large company. But you do. Read number 3 again. 5. Create your own standards of excellence You have the power to decide and write your own personal standards. What personal rules can you live with at work? What's negotiable and non-negotiable? But I hate it, you cry. Okay, I get it, honest I do. Be exceptional anyway. Don't let something you are paid for lower your capability for displaying excellence, you are worth more. 6. Be the person you would love to work with Speaks for itself. Its' so easy to get caught up in the negativity and pessimism of others. When the role no longer fits who you are, it's pretty common to moan, grump and be the misery. Think about your ideal workmate: what qualities would they have, how would they treat others, how would they speak, be them. If you recognise the qualities, you have
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