Advantages And Disadvantages Of ICT

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hinder teachers from exploiting ICT in their teaching practices.Concerning classroom supervision hardships, they arise when ratios pupil-to-pupil are few (Drenoyanni and Selwood, 1998, Cox et alter, 1999). In conclusion, there are other factors that -according to different researchers who appear revealed in the BECTA’s report- should also be remembered: Table 10 Teacher-level barriers. Source: BECTA 2004 Teacher – Level Barriers Lack of time for both formal and informal training Fabry and Higgs, 1997 Lack of time for preparing ICT resources for lessons Preston et alter, 2000 Lack of knowledge necessary to resolve technical problems when they take place Van Fossen, 1999 Lack of personal management skills to change Cox et alter, 1999 Teachers…show more content…
According to Escudero, who already in 1995 madethis description andBlázquez (2003,p 22) “the computer and in many cases, the dataand information provided by the Net are not always incorporated as a material atthe service of the activities, contents and objectives of the different areas teaching and learning processes, but as an autonomous, pedagogical space beyond the contents and methodology of these areas”. In this regard, there appears that the absence of technological and didactic knowledge of the teacher may be one of thecomponents which has participated to inhibit teachers against the adoption of ICT and a suitable employment of ICT into curricular…show more content…
Onthe other hand, the student requires to attain technical instruction too, and theteachers must be enthusiatic and prepared to offer it. III.5.2.1Teachers’ Attitude towards Computer Technology Use A 2004 report by the British Educational Communications and TechnologyAgency, BECTA, founded on an investigation of contemporary research about the impediements to anadequate handling of information and communication technology draws a division among the ce and integration has been slow -moving (Swan & Mitrani, 1993). The underutilization of computers has intimidated researchers in the domain and drove them to investigate the real effeciency of educational technology and to proceed considering what incites some teachers to use computers in their instruction and causes others to reject

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