Six Factors That Affect Customer's Technology Adoption Decisions

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1. Explain the innovation adoption process for SELCO systems in terms of the six factors that affect customer's technology adoption decisions. Answer: 1.1. Relative Advantage:- The SELCO solar systems are more reliable, affordable, and safer to use than the other alternatives available. Products are of higher quality and more durable than the existing other sources. 1.2. Compatibility:-People didn't have the proper effective sources of light and had to rely on the existing alternative sources such as smoky dangerous oil or kerosene lanterns. SELCO used photovoltaic technology to convert solar energy into electricity to light the bulbs. The SELCO products are cheaper and more effective than the existing alternatives which people had been using. 1.3. Complexity:-SELCO solved its initial problems of using CFLs by starting a business of manufacturing these and the…show more content…
Is the SELCO business model sufficiently scalable to support its growth goals? If not, what should it do? Answer: Today, SELCO views that the business operations should be technically scalable and replicable to the poor areas. Their growth strategy has been to keep themselves small and keep replicating to newer areas where the company gets the atmosphere to operate locally and perform according to the local market needs. Currently, the management of SELCO is looking for other entrepreneurs to start their own separate SELCOs under the investment and management of the main SELCO. The main SELCO will provide them all the technical expertise so that they should be independent in operating. 7. What proactive actions can help SELCO cross the chasm in the Indian market? Answer: SELCO faces itself in the chasm in most of the cases. But in some cases, it has already crossed the chasm and reached the mainstream market - the Pragmatists, e.g. in Karnataka, India. SELCO will have to deal with the issues related to its maintenance and sustenance with its existing operating model, with the increasing size and

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