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The medical field is a prestigious line of work that requires many hours of school and restless nights. The following are just three of the thousands of careers in the medical field. Nursing, biomedical engineering, and medical receptionist, are three very different careers with three very different roles. Nursing deals with directly communicating with patients and doctors above the position. Nurses oversee patient care, without being in charge of patient care, meaning nurses do all the work doctors need them to, in order to care for the patient properly (American Nurses Association). Nurses must have certain employability skills specific to the profession. A nurse must have an ethical point of view to help guide their professional conduct. A nurse must also have compassion, so they may have…show more content…
This 40-hour a week schedule is the most common in the United States for biomedical engineers (myfuture). Some benefits of being a biomedical engineer are high pay and high job growth, meaning job security. However, a con is needing a graduate degree, meaning more school and more student loans (LearningPath). Being a medical receptionist is very similar to being any office receptionist, however they may deal with paperwork that is unique to the medical field. A medical receptionist is in charge of greeting patients and guests as they enter the building. Medical receptionists also do paperwork regarding inventory and insurance, and make sure everything runs smoothly in the medical office. Good employability skills to have as a medical receptionist include active listening, time management, and clear speech. These are all important because a medical receptionist interacts with patients and needs to be able to convey concise messages across to them. As far as medical related skills go, a medical receptionist needs to know about medical terminology and health insurance

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