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Nurse Anesthetist Nurse Anesthetist- A certified RN Anesthetist are advanced practice nurses who safely provide more anesthetics for surgical, obstetrical and trauma care every year in the US. The requirements to be accepted into the program are that you have to be currently a Licensed RN and holds a bachelor’s degree in science of nursing. Students must obtain a masters or doctoral degree, which could take up to two to three years to complete and must have clinical training in a university or upscale hospital. Before a graduate begin practice the student must pass the National Certification exam. The duties of a CRNA works with anesthesiologists and other physicians to give anesthesia for surgical and medical procedures. They are responsible…show more content…
At least one year pf experience as a registered nurse in a critical care setting is required. The duration of schooling would last approximately six to seven years. Some complete 2,500 hours of clinical and apply 850 anesthetics. The legal requirements in this field are that the CRNAs are legally responsible for the administration of the anesthesia care they provide. In all fifty states this legal action is recognized. The employment outlook for CRNAs is excellent. The locations and openings for this position are in Atlanta Georgia Kentucky, and Natchez MS. The opening in Natchez, MS is at Natchez Community Health Systems. The salary for this career ranges from $157,000 to $214,000. The median salary is at $166,000, but should make less. I believe I am suited for this particular choice because I love to help others. I really believe that any job in the healthcare setting is for me because I would love to encounter new health problems so that I can get the chance to be the founder of someone’s cure. I always wanted to know how much and what kind of gases were used. How much gas would actually be administered? In what way would it be calculated are some of my unanswered questions. In due time, I would love to figure out what their method is before giving

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