Teaching Assistant Research Paper

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There are many professions an individual can venture into. Depending on one’s tastes preferences and hobbies. Teaching Assistant Jobs are for those who have a passion for working with children. They work closely with teachers to make pupils get the most out of learning and also enjoy it while in a safe and caring setting. For one to qualify to enter into this profession though, you must meet a few basic requirements. You should have good numeracy and literacy skills. Also, you need to have a creative mind as this helps with coming up with fun activities to make learning enjoyable. Together with this you will need the ability to work closely with parents and teachers. Some experience working with children will count as an advantage but for the case of those with zero experience, you may start as a trainee through the Apprenticeship Scheme. Teacher Assistant jobs have opportunities for career progression the most common being, entry into the teaching profession as fully fledged teachers themselves. However before reaching this point, teaching assistants must first go through all the levels of their profession which are four namely: Level One teaching assistants (TA1) Level Two teaching assistants (TA2)…show more content…
This is vital for the learning process and ensures an optimal learning environment; preparing the classroom for lessons by availing what is needed for a lesson e.g. learning aids, work sheets, setting up apparatus etc; Supporting pupils that lag behind during lessons and/or those that have English as a second language; Creating displays of pupils work. This is where one's creativity is really needed as it will help in creating attractive displays that will go a long way in motivating the students; Helping on school outings or at school events. Mostly, a teaching assistant's role here is supervisory. it will involve making sure all the children are safe and accounted
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