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Introduction In many parts of the world, the role of pharmacist changed into patient concentrated services from services of product orientation. In United Arab Emirates (UAE) the Profession of Pharmacy is developing regularly. In the countries of Middle East, The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is the member of the Gulf Cooperation Council Countries. It is an essential federation that was founded in 1971 December 2nd. According to UAE, there is seven emirates in UAE and one of them is the capital Abu Dhabi and then, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al‐Qaiwain, Ras Al‐Khaimah and Fujairah. The location is among the Saudi Arabia and Oman and Arabian Gulf and Gulf of Oman are the coastal borders of UAE. The UAE is one of the rich countries and it has high gross domestic product (GDP). Almost most of the GDP is associated with industry of petroleum, gas and oil. In the case of pharmacy, around the UAE there are more than one thousand pharmacies and the staffs and assistants in the pharmacies from over twenty countries. Minimum standards of practice change across the world for all careers and also in pharmacy. The UAE people have the have access to a medical care in high standard and this has been approved by the WHO (World Health Organization). The WHO, together with the FIP (International Pharmacy…show more content…
The keystone of the industry of pharmaceutical in started with the creation of Gulf Pharmaceutical Industries, known as Julphar in the Ras Al‐Khaimah Emirate in 1980. With the rise of new companies like Global Pharma in Dubai, Neopharman in Abu Dhabi, Gulf injects in Dubai and Medpharma in Sharjah, the UAE’s pharmaceutical industry developed in recent years. This increase in local production was primarily because of special tax free trade zones such as Dubai Healthcare City. Now, in UAE there are almost ten companies of pharmaceutical and disposable medical syringe

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