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Needs good hook sentence. The Battle of Midway was not the first, nor the last naval battle of World War II; however, this maritime conflict was the most crucial and decisive battle for the US in the Pacific Theatre during 1942. Midway, a string of islands, was nothing special; however, the location was quite important in a military standpoint. Midway provided a strategic front for the US Pacific Fleet and was second only to Pearl Harbor in protecting the west coast of the US. However, in order to understand the importance of this battle, one must understand the nations behind the conflict.(reword or redo) too similar While the battle may have been short, the trials both sides faced By the end of the ninetieth century, Imperial Japan began to flourish, while society…show more content…
Nimitz sent Task Force 16, aircraft carriers USS Enterprise, and USS Hornet under Admiral Raymond Spruance, as well as Task Force 17 and USS Yorktown under Admiral Frank Fletcher. The out-numbered American naval force, along with Army and Marine pilots stationed at Midway, went to battle with Japanese Vice Admiral Nagumo and his strike force designated “Kido Butai.” Utilizing the intelligence gathered prior from deciphering Japanese radio transmissions; the US were able to take their foe by surprise. Although Nimitz was only able to muster 47 warships and 26 submarines against the Japanese fleet of 113 warships and 16 submarines; however, the U.S. was able to concentrate its forces at Midway with a slight advantage at the scene of the battle. In spite of the fact that initial aerial attacks proved fruitless against the Japanese, later attempts led by pilots including Lieutenant Commander Wade McClusky and Lieutenant Commander Maxwell Leslie were successful in devastating the opposing naval

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