America Radio Vs Spotify Commercial Analysis

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Music has always been an important part of America ever since the country’s beginning. Songs like the Star Spangled Banner and America the Beautiful are old and important songs that demonstrate how significant music is to America. Companies such as Pandora Radio and Spotify have helped make music more marketable and available to more people. The main difference between these companies and other companies such as ITunes is that all of the music that they “sell” is free. The main problem with both companies is that you can’t necessarily play a song at any time using either companies’ network, rather, you have to make a playlist, or subscribe to a radio channel and hope that a song that you want to hear comes up. Both of these companies are extremely competitive with each other for subscribers, and both companies use ad space and a premium version of each music platform to generate revenue. Both companies seem pretty similar right? But, In my opinion, Spotify’s commercial definitely does a better job at appealing to a wider audience, has more clarity, and creates a better emotion for the audience to want to buy music compared to Pandora Radio’s commercial.…show more content…
The beginning words of the commercial were “Music for Everyone,” so right off the bat; everyone is brought into the “Spotify” market. Generalizing an audience can be a great advertising technique because it makes everyone think about a product, and isn’t targeted at just one specific market. The commercial illustrates how music can be used in many different situations, such as taking a bike ride, walking along a street, in a car, and at a party. This is used as a hidden meaning to show that Spotify can be used for anything pertaining to everyday life, specifically to make everyday life more

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