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Houston Crime The United States, viewed as one of the safest and greatest country to live in, owing to its low unemployment rate, higher standard of living and the best armed forces. In addition, the crime rate in America over the past few years have been statistically declining. Unfortunately, the bad news is that crime still seems to be a concern in few of the major cities across the States. Ranking fourth in population in whole nation, the metropolitan city of Houston is in jeopardy due to its high crime rates compared to the average cities in America. The overall crime rate of Houston compared to the national average is 95% higher, making the city look less appealing. According to the statistics, Houston is ranked number…show more content…
We do have many great areas such as the Galleria but the chances of being a victim of any crime are still open. Most of the downtown area in Houston is highly avoided at night especially for pedestrians due to high chances of being robbed. Houston has a very high theft rate problem, especially around the holidays. Just a few years ago, we bought a house and moved to a very friendly and safe neighborhood. There is always a cop that parks across the street during school days and weekends since there is a middle school that is right in the corner of my street. Alas, I felt very secure since it’s a busy street and there are always cops there but somehow that still wasn’t enough from our house from getting robbed. Not once but twice and surprisingly, the second time was in broad daylight during school time. In addition, what surprises me the most is that even a place like University is unsafe for students. Just last year, so many students at University of Houston reported either getting robbed at gunpoint or raped in their dorms. Despite Houston’s low cost of living and low unemployment rate the crime rate is over the roof. A recent report shows that there is 1 in 17 chance of being a victim of any kind of offense in the city. Dr. Salinas, sociology professor at UH explains, “A lot of that is simply the function that we`re larger than any of the other cities” (Blutman). However, New York and Los Angles are far more populated than Houston and yet their crime rate is lower than what is of

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