Residency Personal Statement: A Career In Cardiac Surgery

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Daniel Ventarola Residency Personal Statement My path to vascular surgery has been indirect. Although I initially considered a career in dermatology, I ultimately realized that the field did not match well with my high energy level, my ability to make prompt medical decisions and the joy I received from solving acute medical problems. A career in surgery would offer me the most personal and professional satisfaction, and therefore I made the decision to pursue a one-year surgical internship to confirm and define my specific interests in surgery. Before graduating, I completed a sub-internship in vascular surgery, a field I initially gained exposure to during my surgery clerkship, and immediately became captivated by the surgical, medical and diagnostic aspects of this field. This fascination developed further as an intern with my first rotation of residency being on the vascular surgery service. I was impressed by all aspects of vascular surgery: the wide range of severity of clinical presentations encountered by vascular surgeons; impact that a skilled…show more content…
I have developed a love of teaching, beginning with my experiences as a Biochemistry teaching assistant and USMLE Step 1 tutor throughout medical school. As an intern, I have taught third and fourth year medical students and have found it easy to motivate students to learn and discuss vascular diagnoses, treatment, and surgical procedures. Additionally, as an undergrad, medical student, and now intern physician, I have contributed to the knowledge base of both dermatology and vascular surgery and engaged in a number of projects from conception to completion in the form of case reports, reviews and original research papers. I hope to pursue academic training in vascular surgery at an institution where I can be involved in education, developing talent and clinical

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