Examples Of Academic Cheating

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Introduction to Academic Dishonesty For as long as the existence of schools, homework and tests, there has been cheating. The act of cheating is the defined as the act of deceiving and influencing by fraud (Dictionary.com). Cheating is an ignorant act, which will neither enhance one’s education or credibility and can also lead to severe consequences such as course dismissal, expulsion or even criminal charges. Unfortunately over the last couple of years, the percentage of high school students caught cheating has risen dramatically. According to the International Center for Academic Integrity, 86% of high school students believe that most of their peers have cheated. So even with the high stake consequences, why do some students still choose to cheat? Cheating is viewed as a profitable end to certain students. However, the perspective is one that students should not withhold because cheating is an intolerable act and will not be taken lightly. Atlanta School Cheating Cases Far From Done In July 2011, state investigators reported a supervised cheating amongst academic staff and students in high schools. The report included a range of violations from exchanging answers to instructing students to recheck work. The Fulton Country District Attorney’s Office has been…show more content…
The cheating was first discovered after the professor found consistence in exam responses, which then lead the professor to review all submitted work. It was then identified during a thorough investigation that there had been repeated cheating throughout the semester. The investigation resulted in the punishment of 34 graduate students; nine students faced expulsion whilst others faced suspension and receiving a failing grade in the course. The punishments could remain on student records for up to three years. Charles Scrase, a first year student stated that the scandal saddens those in the
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