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JOURNAL 7 WEEK OF 10/5 Directions In a two (2) paragraph journal, give me your opinion on students being able to carry legal guns on college campuses. Paragraph 1 State your opinion: In my opinion being able to carry legal guns on college campuses is an awful idea and many innocent people can get hurt from it instead of the opposite. Give a piece of evidence to support your opinion on the topic: Police officers and school security systems should provide public safety in school because students and faculty with not much or no expert training on the use of weapons can cause harmful accidents. In addition, permitting concealed handguns increases crime because more dangerous people have it easier to the multiple use of weapons such as rape and robbery. Would you carry a gun on campus? I wouldn't carry a gun on campus, because first of all I don't…show more content…
My own view on this issue, makes myself and all citizens worry about even going to school, a place where it supposed to be save and where we go to get educated is raising safety concerns. Do you have personal experience with lock down drills? I have experienced with lock down drills. I think it was fun because the more you could hide in the classroom that you were in, the more points my teacher used to gave us. How did lock downs make you feel? Though, after having all that fun, it would make me overthink, that for weeks I wouldn't even trust my own friends. What do you think the answer is to gun violence? I think the answer to a gun violence would be, not allowing people to use guns for self protection or hunting, unless expert training is provided with it limits of course. What is your personal experience with gun violence? Thankfully I have never experienced a gun violence and I really hope not to go through any of that type of

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