Satirical Essay Against Gun Violence

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Satirical Essay Guns are a huge problem within the United States and need to be dealt with because too many lives have been lost due to recklessness of the profoundly good-hearted officials in congress . The ability to gain and purchase a lethal weapon is so easy it’s like breathing, effortless, especially in states like Florida where the tragic events at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School occurred. With all the hoopla and the controversy and debate surrounded around gun violence a plan needs to be addressed and made. Provided that the person(s) are over/are the age of 18, citizens of the United States should be able to obtain and carry handheld guns and more highly decorated guns without hesitation because aren’t people always going to find a way to inflict pain and terror onto others? Have a criminal record? No problem you can have your very own concealed weapon with no background checks and without any registration on purchasing the gun. The government tracking gun purchases within the U.S. to insure the welfare to…show more content…
Through all the trouble, secrecy, time and effort put into the elaborate and thought out plan to smuggle guns into the U.S. (idealistically of course) I’m sure everybody is going to go through this ordeal. Heck, only a small percentage of people illegally smuggling guns into the U.S.? NO WAY! Everybody knows the majority of citizens are going to do this. Not just extreme terrorist or premeditated criminals, most of the population is going to be put in this highly ranked category indeed. So why not just help criminals out and give guns to everyone. Who are we to stop criminals it’s not like it’s our human duty to protect one another and promote the welfare of our

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