Rome And Greece Similarities

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Ancient Greece and Rome When thinking of great empires two come to mind, Ancient Greece and Rome. These empires had a big influence on each other, therefore numerous aspects within their individual cultures and beliefs are similar. Not only do these empires relate in many ways, but they also differ greatly. The Roman’s embraced many ideas from the Greek’s and modified them into their own form. They adopted ideas such as religion, the role of the woman, and entertainment. The Greeks and Romans both believed in what is known as polytheistic religion. The Greek and Roman Gods worshipped by the two empires have similar roles. Greeks felt that religion was only there to give an explanation to life; nature and emotions, whereas the Romans desired harmony with the Gods, looking to please them at all times. Both empires held ceremonies in honor of the Gods and would praise them by engaging in rituals and holding sacrifices.…show more content…
For the Romans and the Greeks education was an element they found to be important but for woman, the learning process was different, while boys learned in school, girls were educated at home by the men of the household. Women were only able to learn when they had time, which wasn’t often, considering they were needed to take care of the home. Woman of both Ancient Greece and Rome had to be married. Being single was not tolerated and the parents of the bride and groom arranged marriage. Commonly, a woman married between the ages of 14-18 and was always raised to obey their husband. The life of a married woman was based around housework and the desires of the husband. Their responsibility was to take care of and raise their kids as well as manage the house and the slaves. Women were often times disrespected and the only thing that mattered was the man’s opinion. Greeks and Romans shared a similar view on the role of the woman ad the idea that wives should be seen and not

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