Importance Of Role Psychology

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What drive people to act the way they do? What motivates a person to stick to a decision to do something worthwhile after they see the consequences of their actions? At what point does a person finally seek solutions to their problems? How does the child/family relationship occur? What is the role of the brain in modifying behavior and what role does science play in the field of psychology? These are questions I found intriguing to find answers to. While growing up, my parents always stressed on the power of the mind and emphasized the point that whatever one puts his/her mind to, could be achieved. I learned the role psychology played and its relation to science and the mind on an individual at the early stage of my life My career goal is…show more content…
A key reason for focusing on this area is because as part of my undergraduate degree, I undertook a research project on The Effects of Stress on Adolescent in the First Year of Senior High Schools. Findings showed that first year boarding students are faced with lots of stressors ranging from adapting to new environments, new subjects to understand as well as making new friends. It became clear during the study that their inability or ability to find coping mechanisms goes a long way to affect their psychological well-being. I developed a keen interest in parents, children and how they interact in their internal and external environments. Hence, my desire to work with Brian Baucom, Patricia Kerig or Timothy Smith. All of whom are faculty members in the clinical psychology field and whose research interests are in line with providing understanding of psychological needs of children, adolescents, and couples and how the family settings, society and other factors influence their developments and overall well-being. Research areas that I would like to focus on…show more content…
D in Clinical Psychology Program. My undergraduate courses such as Biological Bases of Behavior, Psychology of Learning, Counseling psychology, Statistics and Research Methods has provided the fundamentals I need in order to succeed in my chosen field. Furthermore, my work experience during the past year as a research assistant working with a medical doctor has given me practical insights into field work, designing of questionnaires, administering tests and entering research data. My working on the susceptibility of low income earners and illiterates to contract typhoid as opposed to those who are educated and earning high incomes, further enhanced my skills to communicate with research participants from different social and economic backgrounds. My working with the fishermen, traders and professionals on this research taught me that diverse backgrounds of individuals were influenced by their childhood experiences which played a major role in their subsequent behaviors and choices. Again, volunteering to be part of the team screening and testing for diabetes among senior high school students and creating awareness for polio immunization imprinted in my mind the relationship between health and the total well-being of the

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